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To empower businesses with data-driven insights and strategic foresight, enabling them to thrive in dynamic markets.


PMRC is dedicated to providing exceptional marketing research and feasibility study services that equip our clients with actionable intelligence, fostering confident decision-making and sustainable growth.

Market Research

Analyzes data to uncover market trends, competition, and consumer preferences, guiding informed expansion decisions.

Feasibility Study

Evaluates project viability, providing clear recommendations to manage risks and optimize investments.

Data Analysis

Transforms raw data into insights for trend identification, customer behavior understanding, and growth strategies.

Business Plan

Creates robust plans with goals, strategies, and financial projections, essential for funding and investor attraction.

Marketing Plan

Tailors marketing strategies for branding, pricing, and promotions to boost customer engagement.


Offers personalized expertise to address challenges, optimizing operations and driving growth.

Sales Strategy

Develops actionable sales plans aligning with business goals, fostering revenue growth.



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    Empower your business strategy with PMRC: We leverage data-driven Market Research and Feasibility expertise to unveil opportunities, minimize risks, and propel growth. Join our satisfied clients who have elevated their strategies with us. Elevate your business today!

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